Peeling back the layers of the child and supporting development so they can thrive and bloom in their environment

As a mom of three, I know how difficult parenting can be. I follow funny parenting accounts and memes or the occasional comedic relief that is much needed in a mom’s life. There’s times you feel like your kid’s different from everyone elses and the conflicting advice you receive from everyone becomes overwhelming. The struggle is real! 

It’s true that your child is different, they all are. With an approach like DIR Floortime, the childs’ individual differences are accounted for and sessions are fine tuned to the unique child. I use a multidisciplinary approach in all my sessions to better understand the root causes of behaviors and how to best address them. Forming a healthy relationship with the child and family is key in development. Giving parents the tools they need to practice strategies at home speeds up progress in meeting the goals we create together.



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